About the Artist

Frank Strunk III is a self-taught, American artist with a studio in Florida. Born in a suburb of Washington, D.C., in 1964, Frank, an industrial aesthete, has developed a signature style that has earned him accolades as one of our nation’s most innovative, rising artists.

In Frank’s world, acid-washed galvanized steel, sheet metal, rusted nails, tools, working parts and gears are the conduits of his art. “My work is a fertile collusion of the rigidity and order of geometry and the organic dance and palette of rust,” he says. Described as ironic, witty, fun, spiritual, imaginative, kinetic, Frank Strunkunexpected and truly original, his industrial-infused art has traversed and intersected with the fine arts, functional art, wearable art, interior decor and architecture.

Frank‘s art speaks about issues that affect us on levels that we don’t always look at with the clearest of eyes: Work, religion, relationships, power – all of these loaded subjects are the focus of his work.

In every moment of his life, his art calls him to create. He has no other choice.

“Do artists have a choice but to create? A choice not to express what lives inside them? Would it even be possible to deny such energy its rightful path and still maintain one’s sanity? There is no choosing, we are but receivers of some incredible signal, or unaware miners of hidden treasures. Ours is only to live, and to create.”